Thank you for sponsoring Howard!

Howard was born in Pennsylvania and spent the first part of this life as a racehorse in Maryland. After fourteen starts, he retired from racing at four years old. He then transitioned to a career as a hunter/jumper here in Texas. Howard was exceptionally talented and did well for a number of years showing locally. Sadly, due to ongoing back issues that caused him pain, the difficult decision to retire him from riding at the young age of nine was made. We are happy to report that Howard is now living his best life as the youngest herd member at HorseLink. He is happy and personable and full of spunk. We know he will be a valued member of the team and will love his new found career.

TL and his owner competed successfully up through 4th level Dressage. He has lived in Texas, Florida, Kansas, Maryland and Virginia following his military family around. He loved to strut his stuff at shows and was always turning heads. He loves having an audience.